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CFNM Schoolgirls Punish Their Teacher
When our teacher got pissed off at us he sentenced us to detention. Now us three hot girls were locked up in his classroom for an hour. We couldn't even talk to each other or use our cell phones. We decided to get back at our teacher by seducing him. How could he refuse three sexy schoolgirls trying to jerk him off.
CFNM Handjob At A Local Sex Party
We invited a guy for a CFNM party. He didn't know what was going on. He was psyched when he learned he was the only guy at our party. When he realized nobody else was going to show up we told him what type of party it was. He was excited and let us do all the work, stripping off his clothes and giving him a handjob.
Interracial Handjob At My Apartment
I invited my black girlfriend over to my apartment as well as a long time old high school flame of mine. I knew he liked black chicks so I figured they would be a hit. I had a crush on him and knew this was the only chance I'd have at getting some action from him. We were shy about getting naked so we kept our clothes on, but he didn't.
American Pie Guy Gets Humiliated
We found out our guy friend had a secret fetish he picked up ever since he first saw the American Pie movie. He liked to stick his dick in warm apple pie. We snuck up on him in the kitchen and caught him. We completely humiliated him right in the act. We felt bad for a bit so we helped him jerk off, but we made him cum.
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CFNM In Public With The Car Mechanic
Mechanics are always thinking they can take advantage of poor women like us, but now it's payback time. He's not going to screw us over this time, or is he? We came in to Jiffy Lube but we secretly wanted a Stiffy Lube. We came looking to get our brake fluids flushed, but we left settling for milking his cock in his public garage.
Our CFNM Slave Boy
We hit up an adult store looking for a guy to humiliate. We were looking for an easy guy to manipulate to play our sex game with us. We're dominatrices who love to dominate slave boys, fem dom style. There's no better place for that than an adult novelty shop filled with desperate men looking to get off. How brilliant.
CFNM With A Homeless Guy
We hit up the clubs in Hollywood but after sucking each others tits in public we were kicked out. We were all horny after that club experience we had to let our frustrations out. We decided to fuck the first guy we saw when we came out. Too bad it was the homeless black guy outside begging for change.
Reality Episode: CFNM In Jail
Our guys downtown locked up three prostitutes who were out tricking. We get hookers all the time but never as cute as these three. They were from out of town and didn't know the way things work here. They begged for me to open the door and let them out. When I did, they roughed me up bad that day.
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Doctors Office CFNM With The Nurses
The last place you'd expect to get pleasure instead of pain is at the Doctors Office. That's before I met the new doctor, the busty blonde (MD) with the big tits and her sexy nurse (RN), the brunette with the round ass, and the certified nurses assistant (CNA), the skinny blonde.
Clothed Female Bondage
When these three hot girlfriends and roommates invited a friend over for a labor day bbq he had no idea that they had something else in mind. These three bad bitches love this whole cfnm bondage thing so they're going to take charge and whip this poor boy into shape.
Dominant Clothed Women
Three pornstars hooked up but they were ready for another game of CFNM. It turns out that the three girls all have something in common. They like to be dominant and they also like to humiliate and degrade men. PS: Is that Daisy Marie with the black bra and black stockings, OMG.
Girls In Control Of A Naked Man
Who knew that these women had a thing for bondage. Not even they knew about that fetish they had. It's more of a fascination and admiration of the whole art of BDSM. The girls went wild on this guy, taking his pants off and ripping his cock from his pants, in order to get their kicks.
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